Frequently asked questions

1. Q: How does LifeCaps™ work?
A: LifeCaps™ is delivering, in a caplet form, bioavailable vitamins and nutrients that are essential on a daily basis for intake. LifeCaps™’s being absorbed through the Krebs Cycle of the metabolization of the body, and it’s being taken into the bloodstream within 20-25 minutes of ingestion. That is how LifeCaps™ is designed, and it’s designed to stay there for approximately 240-280 minutes in utilization (depending on the individual and their circumstances). The body will know better than someone on the outside what is required and needed for its specific needs, and it’s key that LifeCaps™ be taken with water from a hydration standpoint. We can live as human beings for a long time, but without water we are in very serious trouble. So in emergency circumstances, and in nutritional intake on a daily basis, without emergency circumstances, LifeCaps™ is assisting in terms of nutrient supplementation in viable dosages of recommended daily intakes of vitamins and minerals, to help the body not only utilize its own resources, but also help in terms of burning stored body fat, for folks that have at least 15% body fat. It’s very interesting to note that in America today there is an obesity crisis, and LifeCaps™ might address in some of these categories that factor because it’s assisting in what’s called “ketosis” in the Krebs Cycle, to burn stored body fat in glycogenesis, to create blood glucose in sustaining the body’s function, the brain’s functions, the heart’s functions. So we can live a long time with water and nutrient value, but we cannot live a long time on empty calories. Dosages for LifeCaps™ will depend on specific persons of a specific age, height, weight, and medical predisposition in a certain situation, over a specific period of time. But generally, three caplets per day is enough to deliver the recommended daily intake of all essential vitamins and minerals. As a result of this, the body has a nutrient ability to assist along with body fat, and along with water, to sustain life. Without nutrient value, body’s start to deplete either stored available nutrient value, or systems tend to degrade throughout the day to stress and nutrient depletion, if they’re not available. In terms of caloric value on three LifeCaps™ caplets per day, we are substantially less than the recommended 2000-calorie per day diet that Food and Drug Administration recommends. So this is not a replacement of food and caloric intake, this is a supplementation of the recommended daily intake of vitamin and nutrient value. LifeCaps™’s primary system for delivering all these values of recommended intake of prescribed FDA vitamins and minerals for optimal health is delivered by natural cane sugar.

2. Q: Why did we select natural cane sugar?
A: Cane sugar has been one of the only natural vetted sweetener systems throughout history, used for many centuries. Sugar, specifically cane sugar, has the unique metabolic effect of transferring into blood glucose or energy through the human metababolization cycle within about 20 minutes of ingestion. It by itself will then create what’s called a “hypoglycemic event”, or a crashing of blood sugar, if it’s the only caloric intake. And that’s why it’s important, in combination with water, in LifeCaps™ to create the sustained metabolic effect. What we’re doing with the natural cane sugar is basically getting the nutrient values of the vitamins and minerals required into the bloodstream so the body can utilize them. If it were sugar in and of itself, like a placebo or sugar pill, basically you would get a quick energy effect and then an energy crash. That crash does not occur with LifeCaps™.

3. Q: Why does LifeCaps™ take away one’s hunger (or satiation)?
A: The body craves nutrient values to sustain all its various components. Cardiovascular, neurosensor, renal, muscular, skeletal, circulatory systems and the like are all dependent entirely on the delivery of proper nutrition to remain functional. The FDA has identified a minimum daily requirement of all essential nutrients needed to maintain that proper function, which it expresses as the RDA. LifeCaps™ delivers the RDA of all these nutrients in a manner the body can easily absorb, all on an empty stomach, which enables the body to experience satiation. Satiation means the body is satisfied in terms of nutrient intake, thereby alleviating hunger pangs, which occur when the body becomes depleted of needed nutrients.

4. Q: Are there stimulants in LifeCaps™?
A: No, we don’t believe in using stimulants. There is no shortage of energy drinks and the like in the market today, most of which are loaded with caffeine and neurosensor stimulants. The danger of these stimulants rests in the serious side effects they can cause. These can range from headaches to chest pains, and more. When combined with alcohol, these side effects can be life threatening, as cardiac arrest and death can result and in fact have. By contrast, the proprietary formula in LifeCaps™ is all natural and safe. LifeCaps™ provides healthy nutrient intake, assists satiation, and enhances your life.

5. Q: How long can someone live on LifeCaps™ in combination with the proper intake of water?
A: Many variables such as overall condition, weight, and environmental factors all come into play where a life threatening situation is concerned. But LifeCaps™ can help sustain a person when food is not available to them for many days, and even weeks.

6. Q: Does LifeCaps™ contain any fiber?
A: No, because soluble and insoluble fibers tend to create accelerated motility, or a reverse osmotic GI Tract effect, dehydrating the body and depleting it of nutrients. In other words, fiber is a great thing for those who don’t get enough roughage or have GI tract issues but, in emergency situations, or emergency nutrient health, fiber really isn’t required and isn’t wanted. That’s why we don’t deliver fiber with LifeCaps™. We only want to sustain blood glucose, sustain nutrient values, sustain body hydration, and sustain life with LifeCaps™.

7. Q: Are LifeCaps™ generally ‘OK’ for those on medications?
A: LifeCaps™ contains nothing but vitamins and nutrients, GRAS-certified by the FDA, which are required for proper health, along with about 6 calories of cane sugar as a ‘delivery system.’ Therefore concerns about side effects and cross-effects one would have with prescription medications are not really relevant. However, as prudence and proper wisdom dictates, one should always consult their physician before taking any medication or supplement which might affect their health, regardless how remote the likelihood.

8. Q: Are LifeCaps™ approved by the FDA?
A: The FDA only “approves” drugs, or ‘chemicals.’ They do not require “approval” of dietary or nutritional supplements that contain only ingredients on the FDA’s GRAS list (Generally Recognized as Safe), which is essentially a list of nutrients which the FDA has already not only “approved,” but which the FDA insists are required for proper health. All ingredients in LifeCaps™ are GRAS-certified and we are in complete compliance with all appropriate FDA regulations under dietary and nutritional supplement law.

9. Q: Should a child take lower amounts of LifeCaps™ than adults?
A: Body weight and physical activity enter into the equation but as a rule, a child half the weight of an average adult should require about one half the LifeCaps™ of an adult. A child one third the weight of an adult should require about one third as much. You get the picture.

10. Q: How do LifeCaps™ differ from diet pills?
A: Most diet pills are actually drugs or stimulants with a very real potential for harmful side effects. Everyone is aware of the laundry list of diet drugs, such as Fen-Fen, that have been taken off the market over the years due to the extreme harm they caused, including death. By contrast, LifeCaps™ is not a stimulant and is not a drug! LifeCaps™ is an all-natural supplementation of vitamins and minerals designed to assist body nutrient intake. Therefore from a diet standpoint, or a satiety standpoint, LifeCaps™ are fundamentally different than harsh stimulants or dangerous diet drugs.

11. Q: Nevertheless, could LifeCaps™ be used as a diet pill?
A: LifeCaps™ is not a diet pill. It is an emergency survival pill. We believe the best way to lose and/or maintain proper weight is through eating healthy and regular exercise. Yet we also realize many people need a little help in that regard and are going to take something to assist them in losing weight. Unfortunately people delude themselves into thinking they can eat a quart of ice cream and then take one magic pill and avoid the inevitable consequences. LifeCaps™ is not a diet pill in that regard. It’s not a ‘magic pill’ and, of course, there is no such thing. LifeCaps™ is real, healthy dietary supplementation that triggers the body to burn its own stored body fat in a natural and healthy way. And because LifeCaps™ helps sustain satiation you are less hungry. Therefore, if a person has made a decision to take a dietary aid, or to skip meals in an effort to lose weight (which is essentially the same thing as being deprived of food in an emergency situation), we believe they are far better off taking LifeCaps™ to preserve their health and increase their chances of success. So, could LifeCaps™ assist in terms of body weight loss? The answer is yes, but it’s always in combination with proper exercise and hydration, and eating healthy.

12. Q: What’s the difference between LifeCaps™ and the leading multi-vitamin brands?
A: Simply put… LifeCaps™ work, those don’t. A great many multi-vitamins on the market are compressed, or so densely coated with artificial shellacs and fake colorings or sealants that they’re not broken down in the enzymatic stomach acids to even get into the bloodstream. In fact the leading brand in the United States, that everyone seems to take, is passed right through the stomach so you get NO nutrient value out of it whatsoever. And even if you crushed them in an effort to get them into your bloodstream, many of the so-called vitamins and minerals these brands use are synthetic and therefore not even recognized by the body. So again, you get NO nutrient value out of them whatsoever.

13. Q: Can I use LifeCaps™ as a multi-vitamin?
A: Absolutely, because LifeCaps™ enables the body to metabolize vitamins and minerals at the recommended daily intake value in a manner easily recognized and utilized by the body. LifeCaps™ is therefore the best, healthiest and most effective multi-vitamin you can take.

14. Q: How can LifeCaps™ help fight obesity?
A: Obesity, or morbid obesity, is a MAJOR problem in America. In his book, “Fat Land: How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World,” Greg Critser explains the effects of food politics, and how the nutrient value of the food we eat has been “dumbed down” to a fraction of its inherent value. In many cases, bulking ingredients not only deprive our food of natural nutrients, but actually cause harm and contribute to obesity. A major culprit is High Fructose Corn Syrup, which is converted into stored body fat or triglycerides in the body, leading to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. LifeCaps™ provides complete nutrition in a natural and healthy manner, helping to reverse the negative effects of the polluted food placed on our plates every day.

15. Q: Will someone with extra weight need to take more LifeCaps™ than others?
A: Yes, probably so. There are many factors at play: body weight, amount of activity and exercise, environment, and amount and quality of hydration, among others. But as a rule, the greater a person’s mass, the more nutrients are needed to achieve satiation.

16. Q: What about those with cardiovascular disease, blood thinners, high cholesterol, diabetes, hypoglycemia, or insulin resistance?
A: All people, whether medically compromised or not, need recommended daily intakes of real vitamins and minerals. And virtually none of us get that in our regular diets. With some categories of disease, people actually need greater nutrition to help correct their situation. But again, always consult a physician before taking any medication or nutritional supplement.

17. Q: Is LifeCaps™ safe to use when taking prescription medications?
A:Every individual is different but, as a general rule, LifeCaps™ delivers nutrient value required of any individual, whether on prescription medications or not. But again, always consult a physician before taking any medication or nutritional supplement.

18. Q: Why was LifeCaps™ developed and how hard was it to do?
A: The founders of LifeCaps™ developed the concept in response to their concerns upon seeing human suffering during catastrophic disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. The scientific formulator of LifeCaps™ said, “I personally had never really thought about developing such a ‘good for you product’ until it was brought to me by the founder of LifeCaps™ as a concept. I live in a very unique part of the food chain, the beginning of it, and realized that there was real potential opportunity to help people here, and that’s why I got interested in it and developed LifeCaps™. In terms of difficulty, yes, it was extremely difficult, and this took many years and decades of knowledge in nutrition and human metabatolization to properly vet in terms of metabolic affect, absorption, and utilization. Said another way, if this were easy, someone would have done it long ago, or already.”

19. Q: Why didn’t somebody do this before or why can’t somebody also do this?
A: It was a number of indices that came together at the right time, with the right formulator, and the right individuals at the helm of the LifeCaps™ company. But what about others trying to ‘knock the product off,’ or imitate it? The formulator says, “They can try, but they won’t be first to market, they will not be as efficacious in metabolic effect and, as a result, LifeCaps™ is going to do what previously has not been offered in the marketplace, and build brand and loyalty, because it works.”

20. Q: Who can use LifeCaps™?
A: This is a very broad and wide spectrum. To begin with, none of us knows when we may find ourselves in a situation where we are cut off from readily available food, especially those of us who live in areas where Mother Nature regularly demonstrates her fury. Beyond that, all of us are victims of the depletion of nutritional value from our everyday food and can benefit from an intake of real, natural nutrition. Whether you have an active lifestyle and want the increased stamina and energy LifeCaps™ can offer, or are more sedentary and may need better nutrition, LifeCaps™ is the answer. In short, everyone can benefit from LifeCaps™ in some way or other.

21. Q: How did the formulator get into LifeCaps™?
A: He says, “I would just like to say the reason I got into LifeCaps™, I saw an opportunity to help folks. This is not really about money, it’s about building a brand that truly helps people. If you don’t have a moral foundation, an efficacious foundation, in terms of what the product really is and does, you don’t have a brand that is sustainable. LifeCaps™ is actually going to help people globally, because it does indeed do what it says, and as a result of that, LifeCaps™ is going to benefit people in unsafe situations, dangerous situations, emergency situations, as well as everyday normal mundane situations. So I look forward to LifeCaps™ really helping folks, because that’s what the intent was from the beginning.”

22. Q: Is it possible to overdose on LifeCaps™?
A: It’s been said that too much of anything is not good. I mean, even drinking too much water can kill you. Common sense and moderation are always preferred and yes, if you consume too much of anything at too high an amount, in too short a period of time, it could potentially harm you. Even vitamins and nutrients. If you take LifeCaps™ as recommended, no such problems will exist.